12 glasses tasting oil + 12 glasses lids

12 glasses tasting oil + 12 glasses lids


Official Tasting Cup Regulated by the IOC

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12 glasses tasting oil + 12 glasses lids

Official Tasting Cup Regulated by the IOC

The International Olive Council approves the regulations on the use of an official cut for oil tasting (COI / t.20 / Doc No. 5 of 18 June 1987). Years later, this standard is adapted to community regulations. In this way, the same tasting instrument is achieved for all countries and therefore the same cataloging system.

The choice of glass that appears in the photos is not a coincidence, but meets the tasting requirements, such as:
- Adaptation by hand: the hand completely surrounds the cup and this contact warms the oil gently so that the aromas come off.
- Accumulation of the aromas inside: the aromas that the rejects of oil accumulate in the glass and the narrow opening in the mouth helps to retain them.

- do not distinguish the color of the oil: the bluish color of the glass darkens the color of the oil, which is important because to evaluate the quality, this parameter has no meaning and comes into play, the taste more greenish or yellowish. In fact, one of the consumer's most common beliefs is to confuse the green color with a better quality oil.
The glass that covers the glass serves to retain the aromas until the moment to approach the nose to the edge of the glass and to inhale them. In this way, we catalog the oils and describe their organoleptic characteristics.


    Height: 60 mm  ± 1 mm
    Diameter at its widest: 70 mm  ± 1 mm
    Diameter of mouth: 50 mm  ± 1 mm
    Capacity: 130 ml  ± 10 mm

Dimensions might vary slightly.

Watch glass dimensions:

    Diameter: 60 mm ± 1mm

The glass is made of strong annealed glass to withstand the temperature changes it has to endure in the test. Dark cobalt blue, so that the color of its contents cannot be distinguished, and is free of scratches or bubbles, with a uniform, smooth and flared edge.

The design of the glass attempts to establish the optimal characteristics desirable in such an appliance, which can be specified as follows:

    Maximum steadiness, to prevent the glass from tilting and the oil from being spilled
    A base which easily fits the indentations of the heating unit so that the bottom of the glass is evenly heated
    A narrow mouth which helps to concentrate the odours and facilitates their identification
    Made of dark-coloured glass to prevent the taster from perceiving the colour of the oil, thus eliminating any prejudices and impeding the possible formation of biases or tendencies that might affect the objectiveness of the determination


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