Natural cosmetics made from extra virgin olive oil

Cosmétiques naturels à base d' huile d'olive extra vierge


Olive oil (virgin and first cold pressed) is a treasure for the skin. Full of essential fatty acids and rich in vitamins (A, C and D), it softens, tones and revitalizes the skin. It is also one of the star ingredients of our jars to fight against the signs of aging, thanks to its high vitamin E. It nourishes the skin, protects it and participates in cell renewal.


  • Natural Ecological...

    Les produits cosmétiques de la Ligne Classique sont élaborés avec de l'Huile d'Olive Extra Vierge, qui contribue à la cosmétique

    The Classic Line cosmetic products are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Argan Oil, figs, etc., natural components for the benefit of my skin and my health!!


    Les cosmétiques bio sont une nouvelle génération de cosmétiques sains

    Organic cosmetics are a new generation of healthy cosmetics. You will find in your organic cosmetics store a wide range to take care of your body and your hair with natural beauty products. They are full of nutrients and we combine them with the properties of superfoods, to extract the best from them and nourish the skin so that it shines with its own light.

  • CBD Natural Edition

    Combination of extra virgin olive oil and CBD to achieve radiant, hydrated and nourished skin.

    It is a safe, legal component and the only addictive thing is its smell. It's a new line that is sweeping, try it and find out why!

    Also found the CBD Flowers Collection

    Information CBD

  • CBD flower

    Les meilleures fleurs de CBD avec un excellent rapport qualité-prix

    The best CBD flowers with excellent quality-price

    All our products based on duly certified varieties of Hemp for industrial use (Cannabis Sativa L.) must be, above all, 100% safe.

  • Organic and Natural...

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    Manufacturing and production of high quality hemp-based products and food supplements.

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