PREMIUM Selection Oleoalmanzora.250ml

Extra virgin olive oil PREMIUM Selection Oleoalmanzora. 250ML


Extra gourmet extra virgin olive oil

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PREMIUM Selection Oleoalmanzora. 250ML
Extra gourmet extra virgin olive oil

Format: Dark Glass  250ML

Variety: Arbequina

Quality: Extra Virgin

Collection: October

Collection method: Mechanics

Storage: Inert in Stainless Steel.

Suggestions Storage: Keep in a cool place, away from light and heat.

Tasting Note

  "Oil of great delicacy and excellent vegetable fragrances, in smell we find a fruity medium-high fruity aromas green, reminiscent of green banana, grass or almond.The entry into the mouth has a slight fluidity with an exquisite sweetness , which slides through the entire tongue as if it were a caress, the bitter and spicy are very soft, producing a perfect balance that perfectly combines the arbequina variety from which it comes and the high quality of the oils. spectrum"


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