In Andalusia in the Almanzora Valley there is a priceless treasure !! An extra virgin olive oil, extra gourmet. From planting olive trees to the final product for sale: olive oil


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Oléo Almanzora is a pleasure for the senses.

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An international fame, many quotes in relation to their expertise in the field of olive growing.

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Has four estates of more than 25 000 olive trees in production, of the Arbequina variety

Arbequina (variety of olive, native of Palestine, introduced in Europe during the seventeenth century, L'arbequina gives small olives very aromatic, they are symmetrical and dark brown in color, with rounded apex and wide stalk cavity)

Oleo Almanzora- Following a long tradition, of some generations of olive trees, who transformed by adapting the systems of culture of the olive tree to the behind Technologies, respectful with the environment, they in turn obtain an olive oil Extra virgin of the best quality.

The main activity of OleoAlmanzora is to transform the production of its four estates into the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to offer the demanding consumer the authentic juice of the olive, a pure olive juice Premium.

This result is achieved by OleoAlmanzora by controlling the entire production process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

OleoAlmanzora intervenes since the care taken to the olive plantations, the harvest of the fruits at the best moment of the "sendo" (veraison), the transport of the olives to the mill, the production of the oil, cold and only by means of mechanical processes and ultimately the most efficient storage.

Thanks to this method of work OleoAlmanzora can guarantee to the consumer a Extra virgin olive oil of the best quality and the unique flavor.

Enjoy Oleo Almanzora Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, green gold from Andalusia, it will be your Favorite olive oil !!!

Professionals join us to distribute this treasure of Andalusia !!