"PEARLS Oleoalmanzora" 40 gr.Caviar from Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil pearls 40 gr.caviar extra virgin olive oil


"PEARLS Oleoalmanzora" 40 gr.
The Oil Caviar of Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Oleoalmanzora".

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"PEARLS Oleoalmanzora" 40 gr.

The Oil Caviar of Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Oleoalmanzora".

Surprise your friends for the holidays !!! From the Andalusian Sun the treasure of the Almanzora Valley Explosion of Flavors !!!

 "Pearls", extra virgin olive oil caviar.

 Presented in the latest edition of the Madrid Gourmet Hall, there are Oleoalmanzaora extra virgin olive oil pearls from Arbequina, where the essence of the oil is captured in a fine gelatin membrane extracted from natural plant algae which give a great taste of products that combine, get an explosion of flavors that fill the palate with every bite, and give a touch of "glamor" and "sophistication" to your dishes, and a sure victory if We think of the evenings at come, where meals and dinners will be the center of attention for the eyes and the taste of the guests.

Format: Glass 40 gr.
Variety: Arbequina.
Quality: Extra Virgin.
Collection method: Mechanics.
Storage: Inert in Stainless Steel.
Suggestions Storage: Keep in a cool place, away from light and heat.

How do I keep this product, so that it always continues with the same quality?

- Far from sources of light, heat, or strong odors.

- Preserved between 18ºC and 24ºC (Preferably it goes below 18º before it goes up to 24º)

- The jar should always be closed after using the product.

- Pearls must always be covered by their own covering oil. So they are always hydrated.

Does it break with the temperature?

Holds up to 60ºC centrifuged without melting. You can put on top of meats, hot fish and soups of all kinds.

How can it be taken?

- It can be used in any dish, where the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Crude is used.

  •  In soups (hot or cold).
  •  In Carpachos.
  •  With seafood; fish or meats.
  •  In salads of vegetables or fruits.
  •  In confectionery (For example, it combines very well with dark chocolate).


- Recommended for tapas; appetizers, canapés and others.

- It can be taken alone, without any problem. It is high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil covered with a gelatin membrane of vegetable origin (in this case algae).


"Oil of great delicacy and excellent vegetable fragrances, in smell we find a fruity medium-high fruity aromas green, reminiscent of green banana, grass or almond.The entry into the mouth has a slight fluidity with an exquisite sweetness , which slides through the entire tongue as if it were a caress, the bitter and the spicy are very soft, producing a perfect balance that perfectly combines the Arbequina variety from which it comes and the quality of the high-quality oils. spectrum"


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