Organic and Natural Cosmetics with Hemp

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Manufacturing and production of high quality hemp-based products and food supplements.


  • Massage & relaxation

    A complete range of products specially developed to take care of joints, muscles and tendons with active and natural ingredients by ANNABIS.

    A wide range of massage products, which will delight professionals and institutes looking for effective natural cosmetics.

  • Body care

    Discover our range of natural hemp-based products, specially designed for body skin care.

    Whether to relieve heavy legs, hydrate your body with natural milk, protect your hands, or restore flexibility to your feet, Annabis has the product you need and which will satisfy you.

  • Facial care

    Come and discover all the facial treatments in our range of natural hemp-based cosmetics, by Annabis. Bioactive cosmetics for skin that is always hydrated, respected and protected from the inside. To stay young in all circumstances

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